Join the Team

Imagine... A client (ex-offender) can leave prison and a team of loving Christian Mentors are waiting to help them navigate the new fresh start they have been given. Remember, some don't even know how to fill out job application forms, more or less coordinate their new life. It is overwhelming and extremely hard for them leaving prison. As a team we can TOGETHER be the body of Christ and each take a small piece to assist them to become victorious in Christ.


This list is not exhaustive. Perhaps God is calling you to bring your past experience and expertise to the table? There are some positions that don't require face to face with the client if you are already serving with us inside of prison. We are looking for tough skinned individuals with a soft heart to hear the cry of the inmates. 


HIM4Her trains and equips each team. In many areas, we partner with already established organizations in the Twin Cities area.


Will you pray for us, and if God has blessed you... would you bless those leaving prison to begin with a fresh new start?


All donations go directly to the ministry initiatives. There is no paid staff. Our team members volunteer out of their love for the Lord. They all will get their reward in heaven!


Intake Coordinator

This team would be the "first point of contact" for a client leaving prison. They would have to have good administration skills and a warm friendly presence. They would gather the client information and pass that along to the appropriate coordinators for their first mentorship meeting.

Transportation Coordinator

This team would coordinate bus passes, public transportation to and from mentorship meetings, Westwood church and job interviews. Funded by HIM Prison Ministry and Westwood Church.


Employment Coordinator

This person would be working with corporations and established employment groups, helping the ex-offender to fill out job applications and coaching them on interviewing success. One person on the team needs to be familiar with the corporate world.

Faith Coordinator

These people would help on all matters of faith. Helping coordinate and/or facilitate the once per week bible study for ex-offenders, be there to encourage and support them in their faith walk. Mature people of faith are needed.


Clothing Coordinator

This person would be coordinating with the client and providing group resources around the twin cities that provide interviewing clothes as well as even doing our own clothing drive within Westwood. This could be a fun interactive group working with MOPS or other groups to gather clothes to fit the clients as they leave prison.

Housing Coordinator

This group would help direct the client to group housing openings within the Twin Cities. There is already an established list available. You just need to know where there are openings and help them connect together.


Family Relations Coordinator-

Mother's Coaching Mothers.

Many clients have lost custody or ability to carry on a relationship with their family. This team will walk alongside and coach them in family matters.

Social work and Government Coordinator

This team would assist in making sure the client knows and fulfills the post incarceration requirements. People with backgrounds in law or social work would be helpful. For example: Checking in with Parole Officers, meeting Urine Analysis deadlines, making sure restitution is met etc.


Trauma Coordinator

This team would walk alongside the client and help them get into contact with any counseling programs needed to deal with their drama that is offered in the Twin Cities. Many clients have turned to crime, drugs etc., because of earlier unaddressed trauma.

Victorious ex-offender

We would love to add to the team people who have been previously incarcerated, a Christian, that can relate and periodically counsel us as we go along. This person must be off paper with the DOC.