Dear Prayer Friends,

I have to say last time in prison was perhaps one of my favorite ever! Not only was it a FULL HOUSE - but we talked about God's power being unleashed against the impossible. I taught from Roman 4; 

"Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed..."

Anonymously, I shared a Shakopee prison prayer card, where a woman wanted to be freed from her "addiction" to prostitution, her evil boyfriends and that God wouldn't give up on her. We openly talked about what would cause someone to be addicted to prostitution?  The answers they shared why were eye-opening. IMPOSSIBLE? We summarized that one sin is no different than any other sin, we all need a Savior! 

My God works in the IMPOSSIBLE... I concluded by sharing about my current healing. (Please see my earlier blog post for reference.) I wish you could have heard it... There were shouts, cheers and a genuine celebration for God, that he heals today. I then led them ALL in their own healing prayer... WOW - POWERFUL!

Part II: "UNLEASHING GOD'S POWER WHEN FACING THE IMPOSSIBLE!"  I will be teaching from Romans 5:1-11 and personally addressing the two remaining seemingly "IMPOSSIBLE" topics from the original prayer card:

  1. How can I Be Freed From Evil people in my life?

  2. How to deal with reoccurring "signature" sins?

Whew! All of us are going to need your prayers.

  • Please pray that there will not be any disturbances or lockdowns!

  • God will handpick the inmates to attend (Fill' r up Lord!)

  • They will understand how to deal with bad influences in their lives "God's Way!"

  • They will have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • God will develop in and through each of them "perseverance, character and hope!"

  • At just the right time...God's power will be unleashed (through Jesus Christ) and break the reoccurring sins in their lives once and for all! 

Finally, please pray I will speak through the power of the Holy Spirit and that Christ is glorified!




Cassie Medema