I have to smile when I think about how BIG my God is… He is always surprising me with answers to prayers that I would have never imagined.

For those who know me, my life verse is from Isaiah 6:8 - Here am I Lord. Send me!  I have prayed for years for God to use me as he sees fit, wherever that may be, bringing the Gospel to the darkest corners of the world. After speaking in prisons in Rwanda, Kenya and the U.S., I never would have believed God would answer in such a creative way…RADIO.

I was invited by Gary Borgendale with KKMS AM980 The Mission to host a radio show just for women. He emphasized it was my show and to create it to speak to women as I see fit. I turned him down at first understanding the depth of my full time responsibilities with HIM Prison Ministries and HIM4Her Mentoring.

Prison is my focus,” I replied, but God had a much broader vision in mind…

I didn’t sleep, I prayed, consulted my board of directors and realized God was up to something much bigger than I could have asked or imagined.

God opened the door to radio as a way for the ministry to reach women inside and outside of prison. Not only could we use this platform to tell more people about the ministry and share the transforming power of the Gospel, we could also use radio to continue our ministry into the prisons – reaching inmates through the broadcast!

I called Gary back after I just said “no” to give him a resounding “yes!” “I want to tell it like it is, direct and to the point… and call it: Women’s HOT Topics! A place where your voice is heard!”

The topic ideas came rolling in… we are airing shows based on women’s (and men’s) suggestions. These topics range from gossip, aging, parenting challenging children and how to keep your marriage hot! We felt the impact the Holy Spirit was having in our own hearts as we wrestled with each “HOT” topic, and witnessed it was making an impact in the lives of other women.


God opened the door to radio as a way for the ministry to reach women inside and outside of prison.


In the words of one of our producers, “There just isn’t anything like this on the air! Shug, you tackle topics others won’t touch!”

…shortly thereafter we were invited to bring our Women’s HOT Topics Radio show across the USA to select cities. A new episode airs each week and you can find us on the radio and iTunes podcasts!

The rest is in God’s hands. I am an evangelist; God has opened the door of opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to women in and out of prison. There is never a dull moment when you surrender to God’s will.

I want my life to have Kingdom impact; I want the Lord to say; Welcome home Shug, good and faithful servant.”  

It just doesn’t get any better than this!

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