Introducing HIM4Her Ministries


HELLO PEOPLE! This is Shug. I’m excited to tell you that our ministry has a new name! Will you allow me to part the curtains and share the journey God has taken this ministry on, and what the new name means for our future!?

My life verse is from Isaiah 6:8: “Here I am Lord. Send me!” God has certainly taken that verse to task in my life.

First of all, God clearly called me to preach in prisons around the world. I have had a front row seat to watch the Gospel of Christ melt the hearts of the hardest prisoners both in Africa and in the USA. The cry of the prisoners in prisons grew louder, so I founded the 501(c)(3) non-profit HIM Prison Ministries to further the gospel to the darkest corners of the world.  From Evangelistic events to Prison Leadership Summits, God has amazed us with his awe-inspiring power.

Born from this, God gave me an additional calling… I heard the cry and saw the need to do my part to help reduce recidivism by giving offenders a second chance in Jesus Christ. I witnessed the need for uniting the prisons with the neighboring communities and churches in mentorship. Women and men were saved in the prison, but they were scared to re-enter the world sober and saved. There are many, great re-entry programs for men. Sadly, there are not many for women.

We created HIM4Her Mentoring to equip women on their road to re-entry and to inspire them to live victoriously inside and outside of prison. There is no other program that is formatted quite like this one. We are grateful to God it has been approved by the U.S. Department of Corrections and welcome your prayers for the program to expand to other prisons in other states!

However, God didn’t stop there… He opened the unexpected floodgates and invited me to host a radio show! We have been called to fill a gap in programming that reaches women with the love of Christ and invites them into conversation on relevant hot topics! HIM4Her Radio - Women’s HOT Topics is broadcast on FM & AM Christian radio stations nationwide, with a potential listening audience of 3.5 million listeners! The program is recorded and also available on iTunes podcast with unlimited potential. I believe God will continue to grow this ministry initiative reaching out and speaking to the unsaved, lost, lonely and hurting women in all corners of the world…

Here I am Lord. Send me!

We continue to grow as we learn to go where HE sends us! I believe God is calling us to minister to ALL women everywhere. Therefore, we have created a unified name to wrap the components of this ministry tighter together.  HIM4Her Ministries, exists to set women free in Jesus Christ, inside and outside of prison.

The new name takes effect on June 1, 2019 and will allow us to further develop the initiatives that God has revealed for our purpose, including:

HIM4Her Radio – Women’s HOT Topics

  • Weekly nationwide radio program covering hot topics for women and unleashing the love of Christ

HIM4Her Speaking Engagements

  • Captivating audiences by taking them on a journey to hear the power of God at work, reminding us that God is still writing the book of Acts!  

HIM4Her Prison Ministry

  • Partnering with organizations to unleash Christ’s power in prisons around the world.

HIM4Her Mentoring

  • Inspiring women to live victoriously, inside and outside of prison

Hey, lets get real. You know I tell it like it is…I cannot do this without you. God calls us to pool our resources together. Will you continue to please pray for us and support us financially as we lean into the Lord and His direction? We have many volunteers who dedicate their time to make HIM4Her Ministries happen. Why? Because ALL donated dollars go DIRECTLY to the cause of bringing the Gospel to the darkest corners of the world… through our radio show, evangelism, prison ministry and mentoring. Can I count on your help?


It just doesn’t get any better than this!




Shug Bury

Founder and President of HIM4Her Ministries