Change Agents For Hope

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Wow! How do I begin to describe the testimonies I heard from the women in prison? We have just baptized 84 women in prison and now they were called to give their testimonies. (Revelation 12:11) It was a humbling experience for me as they shared with trembling hands what their life was like before Christ. The chaos, the abuse, the trauma, the drug use to mask their pain, the darkness and the eventual loss of all things they love. They are rejected, forgotten, abandoned, an outcast by society.

There is power in the name of Jesus... Jesus who pursued them, who found them lost in prison. The same Jesus who rescued me from the pit of hell... is the same Jesus who was now waiting for them to realize they need a Savior. They are listening, possibly for the first time in their lives, to the call of Christ through our worship services, bible studies and HIM4Her mentoring. Amazing! 

Can you their life takes on new meaning. They are being brave and bold standing up for the Lord in prison. (No easy task!) They are a new creation. Many of them are unsure what this means, all they want is to cling desperately to the only person they have left...Jesus. Others are confident, secure and elated they are ready to begin a new fresh life in Christ. I have never seen them so hopeful and transformed by the power of Christ's love.

So let me ask you...What are we going to do together? Are you ready to give these precious women hope for a second chance at life? They have already done their time, paid for their lets house them, hire them, pray and encourage them. Let's be change agents for hope.

What do you have to offer to HIM4Her Ministries to help these women receive new life outside of prison? I cannot do this without you. Whether it be your resources, donations, time and prayers. God has blessed you for a time such as this. Friends, contact me anytime and let's partner together gett'n the love thing right!

Courtnay Suter