Churches & Non-profits


HIM4Her Ministries exists to empower women to rise up in Jesus Christ and to equip them to live victoriously. We partner with churches and non-profits through conferences, events, trainings and ministry initiatives to unleash the power of the Gospel and increase awareness of prison ministry. Our church and non-profit partnerships are critical to the success of reducing the recidivism rate and increasing community-wide engagement. Many people don’t understand the need for re-entry programs and what they can do to help. It’s up to us to help educate people outside of the prison systems and invite them to be part of the solution!

The recurring cry of programs such as our own HIM4Her Mentoring and others, such as: R3 Collaborative, UPWORKS, Prison Fellowship Ministry, Volunteers Of America, Salvation Army, MN Adult and Teen Challenge, Union Gospel Mission, Freedomworks, Crossing Home... is that they all need people to come alongside and support those who are looking for a fresh start, a second chance. Let's rally with a unified message to support those seeking a new beginning in Christ.

Correctional Facilities


HIM4Her Ministries has extensive experience working with Correctional Facilities and we welcome opportunities to bring this experience to more women’s prisons across the U.S. We understand what it takes to bring a new program into the system, to work respectfully and collaboratively, and to equip those serving inmates. We offer leadership training, supplies, and encouragement to deliver the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our unique mentorship program provides extensive training with a highly structured approach that is rooted in bible study and prayer support teams for both mentors and mentees. We understand the significance of policies and procedures that are fundamentally required for a successful prison ministry or mentorship program.

Large Corporations


The need for felon friendly corporations is also critical in the success of reducing recidivism. We encourage large corporations to provide and create jobs that have upward mobility for felons and their future career success. We’ve seen first-hand how organizations can be blessed to be a blessing to others by giving job opportunities. It isn’t always easy…but we believe it can create good! Click here to see a list of felon friendly employers.

We also have great appreciation for corporations that wish to give back to our programs through corporate giving! HIM4Her Ministries is a 501(c)3. For more information please contact us or visit our donations page.